Tsehaye Hailemariam

All of us ”Undefined silence”   is  our inevitable inheritance.
May God only help us to love each other, narrowing
our differences, during this flame of life that serves unfairly
amongst its creatures!

ISBN 978-86-86863-28-7

(The picture on the cover is an Ethiopian freedom warrior taken life by Alfred Eisenstaedt,
in 1935 during straggle against Italian colonial powers).

Meeting of colors

The elder days are gone
The middle days are passing
The younger days are beginning
The time of one color is over
But our time is at hand
The planet of many colors
We knew from the beginning
It was wrong
That everybody has to wear one type gown
White cloth may be dyed
The white page can be over written
And the white light can be broken
Like the price of,
The white old fashion bread is down
No longer one type of color Said I
Our beauty, unity is at its high
When the world wears
Different colors!

Who is the Monkey?

Are we the Monkey?
Live in the jungle!
Are you the people?
Live in the city
Killing each other
Hating one another
Creating trouble
Not happiness
For sure
You are the real Monkey
We are not
Said, the Monkey

Undefined silence

No cry came from him
He shut his eyes and clung
to the horse`s mane.
The wind whistled in his ears
And the bells up on the harness rang
wild and shrill
A breath of deadly cold pierced him
like a spear
As with a lust spurt, like a flash white fire
The horse of Adwa, speeding as if on wings,
Passed right before the face
of the foremost warrior
To honor his glory, and say good bye
To his undefined silence
By thanking his struggle for our freedom

Let`s love like Animals

Not by calculation
But by conviction
Not by conspiracy
But by frankness;
Not by greediness
But by sharing
Not by discrimination
But by integration
No t by fear
But by confidence
We can live together
If we try to love like Animals!

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Undefined Silence / Tsehaye Hailemariam. - Belgrade : Association of Writers Poeta, 2009 (Beograd : Gora pres).
- 95 str. ; 21 cm. - (Library Verses of the Soul)

Tiraž 1.000. - Str. 95: Opinion on the Manuscript Undefined Silence Tsehaye Hailemariam / Veselin Dželetovic Pavlov.

ISBN 978-86-86863-28-7


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